To help you get ready for Sunday worship together, we’ve included some information about our upcoming service including; Scripture passages, discussion questions, and the music you’ll hear this week. 

We are reading through the Bible from January 2019 until Easter, 20/20.  This week, you can follow along in Leviticus 16.  

Read the whole passage at Bible Gateway here.

While you prepare for Sunday, here are some questions to consider:

 Sermon Questions for Sunday, January 20, 2019: Leviticus 16

1. As you read through Leviticus or even just chapter 16 you can get overwhelmed with details. Why, do you think, God had such specific instructions about sacrifices and skin conditions?

2. Leviticus regularly gives instruction about God being holy and wanting to make His people holy. What does it mean for God to be holy and what does it mean for a person to be holy?

3. The Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) includes the release of a goat into the wilderness (scapegoat). Work together to explain that move.

4. Describe how Jesus might be the final scapegoat.

5. Is there ever a place for a Christian to suffer for something she or he did not do?

Sermon Questions for Sunday, January 13, 2018: Exodus 12:21-30

1. Explain the Passover like you were telling it to a person who had never heard it before.
2. Why a dead lamb? Why not just ‘keep the lights on all night’? Did something have to die?
3. Look up Genesis 22:1-14, do you see any parallels between Passover and this story?
4. If the whole Bible points to Jesus, explain His connection with Passover.
5. How might it change your day to understand that Jesus gave Himself to be your substitute?


Music this week:

  • How Marvelous
  • Son Of God (He Has Overcome)
  • This I Know
  • Magnificent
  • Revelation Song
  • Move