St. Paul’s Leaskdale partners with Faith Arise Ministries for the ‘Servant Sock Christmas Project’ that reaches thousands of precious children and families with Christmas stockings every year. These Christmas stockings help bring hope and healing to our First Nations, Inuit and Métis people of Canada.
Many First Nations People have felt isolated and discouraged by crisis and desolation, therefore it is our goal to encourage communities to know that they are valuable and special; that we love them and that God loves them. Help us bring that hope to a First Nations Community in a practical way by filling a stocking!

Most of the Stockings were distributed on Sunday October 8th.  Thank you to everyone who picked up a Stocking to fill!  Your gifts will bless a child or teen from a First Nations community.

Please drop off between services at St. Paul’s Leaskdale on Sunday, October 29th.  The Stockings will be flown out on November 6th.