Eventually Israel’s leaders ruin the nation, and Israel is conquered by Babylon.

PSALMS: The prayers of God’s people

These ancient poems are full of power and passion. They are honest words by people who experienced, joy, despair, anger, fear, and lonliness, and who poured out their hearts to God in the midst of it all.

PROVERBS: An invitation to live with wisdom

This book includes short sayings that invite us to practice wisdom in everyday life. The path to wisdom begins with respect of God, and leads to a life lived well in relationship with God and others.

ECCLESIASTES: Humans cannot find meaning in life on their own

Our efforts to find purpose by investing in things that have no lasting worth, are futile. In the mystery and mess of life, we can choose to fear God and trust His judgement.

SONG OF SONGS: A celebration of love and desire

This song between two betrothed lovers, declares their passionate love for one another. It celebrates intimacy in marriage and echoes the creation story. This book illuminates Christ’s profound love for his Bride, the Church.


ISAIAH: Judgement and Hope

Isaiah delivers a warning of judgement to Israel’s corrupt leaders. Yet, there is a message of hope when a new character, God’s Servant, is introduced. The Servant will fulfill God’s mission and establish God’s kingdom.


JEREMIAH: Tough words for tough times

Jeremiah announces that God will judge Israel’s sins with an exile to Babylon. And then, he lives through the horror of his predictions. Yet hope remains with God’s promise to one day heal his people’s rebellious hearts.