Israel asks for and receives a king. The first king fails. Even their best kings, mess up. Eventually Israel is conquered by Babylon.

1 SAMUEL: God raises up kings to rule Israel

Samuel the prophet anoints Saul as the first king of Israel. Saul’s pride and disobedience lead to his downfall. David triumphs over Goliath and is anointed as king. 



2 SAMUEL:  A faithful but flawed king rules Israel

David is established as king. He commits adultery with Bathsheba and murders her husband. David’s family becomes filled with division and politics. 



1 & 2 KINGS: After a brief period of greatness, Israel divides and is conquered

David’s son, Solomon becomes king. He is prosperous and builds God’s temple. Solomon becomes obsessed with women and worships other gods. Israel’s kingdom splits and God send prophets to warn of their failure. 


1 & 2 CHRONICLES: Israel’s story retold

The story of Israel’s kings, is narrated from a different perspective. The book opens with geneaologies from Adam to David, then recaps the stories of Saul and David.


JOB: Wrestling with God about suffering

Job, a weathly landowner and father, loses everthing. Job’s friends offer advice and cliches about suffering. God dialogues with Job reminding him that human perspective and power are limited. God doesn’t explain Job’s suffering,  but invites Job to trust in the the complexity and chaos of life.